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Various Supporters/St. Columba's Hall

Walk out from St. Columba's

First meeting in the Magdalen Chapel

Various portraits of FCC ministers
and others

Content of Site

This site contains images taken at various locations in Edinburgh concerning the split of the Free Church. All images are freely available to any that wish to use them in a favourable light, and are organised into four sections that can be seen on the left hand side. All images are in jpeg format and each page comprises of thumbnail images, which can be clicked on to access the full size images.

To download a zipped file of all images (around 2MB - less than 10 minutes download if you have 33.6K or greater modem), click here - to unzip, use a program such as Winzip.

To save any image, simply click on the thumbnail, then right click on the image, and select "Save as" or similar. If you wish any image in a higher resolution, or a print of any, please email William MacLeod.

Also of interest is a zip file of photographs taken at the Rev. David Blunt's induction to Aberdeen. Click here to download it - around 2MB.

If you have any photos that would be appropriate for this site, please feel free to send them to me here. If any pictures are wrongly labelled (or are not labeled at all), please let me know (hopefully with amended labels!).

Photos were taken by John Whitteridge and William MacLeod.